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Our President oF our BOD has not followed any of the rules. He has two Charges filed against him for Bulling and Harassment. He Flat Out saids “Your either my Friend Or my Enemy’ Three Families have sold their homes because of his Harassing them. Rides by people’s homes early on morning raving up his engine and Flying to the Stop sign which he doesn’t stop at. We just found out that our Management Company was Fired and was and has not been announced by our BOD YET, new management starts June 1st, We the Community are JUST MOW FINDING OUT. I was the administrator of Anchors Bend Community Site for the home owners moving here, this is a brand new community, Our Vice President quit In March , we just got this BOD January 1, because of the illegal things the President was doing and wanted know part of it. Then May 2, 2019, President oF our Management Company Gold Crown Told Paul our President oF BOD THAT HE WAS AND IS A BULLY, Calling everyday talking and yelling and cursing at his staff. Paul left and came back with Hal Blakely we Assume he is our VP now now but this Community is being told Nothing!!! Demanding President OF Gold Crown Management for an apology, He said No I know this first had per conference call. He said no your not going to keep talking to my staff like a piece of crap and bullying them. So our BOD PRESIDENT SAID
“YOUR FIRED”, WITH KNOW NOTICE TO THE COMMUNITY SINCE THAT HAPPENED MAY2, He rides he car around and sticks his middle finger up at homeowners here, Takes his hand and acts as though it’s a Gun and will point it at people and goes BANG, THIS HAS TOTALLY GOTTEN OUT OF HAND, He hires contractors we don’t know what it’s costing us, the BOD President rides around taking pictures and so does the Treasure oF OUR BOD, or walks right up in peoples yards and saids I hope you got approved for that tree planted. Isn’t that the HOA JOB NOT BOD, The President has Threatened 3 people already that he would kill them and cut them up in LoL pieces and throw their body parts in the ponds. Please Please Help is get an Investigation here at Anchors Bend 100 Oak Leaf Dr
Longs, South Carolina. 29568
We are in Dire Straits for Help for our New community
My name is Sabrina Evans my address is not on GPS yet but it’s 417 Quinta St Longs, SC 29568

Dear Sabrina,
Thank you for contacting Ask an Advisor.
We are sorry about this situation, and understand that it is difficult and distressing for you. Unfortunately, it’s not realistically possible to resolve it at a distance. But we can offer some thoughts for your consideration, which might be helpful to you.
Conflicts are often best resolved through dialogue, and often through planning before dialogue starts. In your case, who should you be talking to first? There might be value in meeting first with some members of the community who feel as you do. This could be a small group.
At such a meeting, you could then share your feelings and your analysis of the situation, and perhaps plan a strategy together. A strategy might include specific goals, and also specific actions designed to reach those goals.
A next step might involve a meeting with the larger community, to share your own thinking so far, and also to learn what community members feel, what they want, and how they think you should proceed.
A step after that might include a meeting with the Board of Directors, with the same general agenda; the details would vary depending on the make-up of the current Board and how its members feel. One more step after that could be a meeting with the management company, especially if it is new and unfamiliar with the situation.
In other words, you could take a gradual but planned-out approach, working together with others, and building support and strength as you work your way up to higher levels of authority.
In addition, though, if there is a question of possible illegal activities such as threats on life, then you might wish to contact local legal authorities, and/or your local legislators. Your camera phone may be useful in these instances.
You can of course vary any of this depending on the details of your situation. But we feel the general principles of planning before acting, acting together with others, engaging in open dialogue, stating clear positions and recommendations – and persisting – will be useful to you.
We don’t want to minimize your situation, or to suggest that there is an easy or rapid solution to it; but we do believe that you and others have the power to change it, and that you can in fact use that power to make desired change happen.
It is still worth reading the materials on our site under "Learn a Skill" and Chapter 1 "Our Model for Social Change."
Best wishes,
Ask an Advisor

Question Date: Thu, 05/30/2019