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It's almost me again and again ... hahaha ...
Is there any specific tool to monitor the state budget, specifically budget that allocated to women? Currently, I am assigned to prepare and write a toolkit for advocacy and monitoring, especially on state budget allocated to women and people with deficiency. Kindly asking your support and assistance on this subject matter. Thank you.

Lito Gama

Dear Lito,
Thank you for contacting Ask an Advisor again!
We do not have a tool to specifically monitor budgets. I will direct you to modules where there is budgeting lessons. I will also recommend that you take a look at the Evaluation Toolkit that may give you some clues on how to monitor where money is allocated. This is at
However, there is no Toolkit specifically for managing a budget, unfortunately. 
I hope this helps!  And good luck with the initiative - it seems that you are making progress!
Best regards,
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Question Date: Fri, 05/31/2019