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I am organizing a chapter of to build homes for victims of the Camp Fire in Paradise, CA.

I need to organize a board of directors to begin the process.

Can you recommend some resources to help me figure out how to recruit experienced board members for a new organization?

Thank you for your question to ask and advisor. And thank you for your patience on my response.
First, I have a personal interest in the Camp Fire – my brother and niece were both lived in Paradise and were displaced by the fire. I very much appreciate your work on this topic. In addition, I would be interested in talking more directly with you about this. Please visit my faculty page where you can find my contact information (
Second, I would not be as concerned about recruiting experienced board members as I would be about recruiting a diverse stakeholder group to join the board. As such, I would look into a stakeholder assessment in the area. You will likely find this in chapters 6-12 in the community toolbox ( Additionally, I am not sure about the resources that fullcenter provides, but you may also find yourself needing to build an organization. These same chapters would also be informative for that as well.
In my experience, in recruitment, it is about self-interest. Given the nature of the fire and the number of people who were affected, I think would likely not have much of a problem finding folks who would be interested. But again, I would recommend thinking about a diverse stakeholder group that have different perspectives to guide the work.
I wish you well! Good luck! And again, please contact me if you’d like to talk more about this.

Question Date: Thu, 09/19/2019