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Hello! I am a graduate student at NAU and we are working on a rural community change project. Do you have any resources about integrating telehealth, mobile clinics and possibly nurses being stationed at other public places than a clinic/hospital, such as a library? We are specifically trying to solve the problem of transportation for patients in a rural community.

Thank you for your patience in my response. Also, thank you for your question. 
I may be able to provide some insights, but unfortunately, I think your question may be fairly specific to your setting/context and I would likely need more familiarity with the issue and context to be more helpful. That said, may be able to assist in thinking about ideas. There is a rich academic and practice literature on rural issues. I would recommend looking into the journal of rural studies and similar journals for some guidelines and/or models. I would be curious if there is a coalition or other group in the region that you may be able to connect with to assist in this venture? I may also consider talking with a local librarian for some (local) references on this topic. In conducting a brief search in Google scholar, it seems that there is a significant body of research on telehealth and other general health care issues in rural areas ( 
I hope my response was at least of some assistance, even if it sparked some ideas on this issue. 
Thank you for writing in! Good luck with your work, especially on such an important issue. 

Question Date: Mon, 09/23/2019