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Hello from Revelstoke, British Columbia Canada,
I am seeking policy guidelines and especially samples for a very small Canadian charity.
I sit on the Board of the Revelstoke Hospice Society.

can you direct me to a no-cost or low-cost resource which might help us in our creation, updating and revision of our policies and procedures.

Many, many thanks,
Maria-Lynn Johnson

Hi Maria-Lynn,
Thank you for your patience in my response. Also, thank you for your question. 
This is a great question and one we have put some thought and resources into! The Tool Box has a chapter (Chapter 9) devoted to organizational structure, including several sections specifically on boards. See Section 7, on Writing By-laws, may be particularly helpful.  In addition, a brief literature search should also turn up a bookshelf of information on nonprofit boards and their policies. 
Within the Tool Box, you may find Toolkit 4 of interest on developing a framework or model of change that may assist in thinking through issues like values and goals of the charity. See I hope these resources may be helpful for you!
Good luck on your important work! And, thank you for writing in!

Question Date: Mon, 09/23/2019