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Hi there,

My nonprofit organization is currently examining whether to keep a program or close it out. There are a number of considerations to make regarding fiances, the community served, ability to fundraise. I am in search of tools/analysis types that would help make the decision (or at least provide an objective lens). Are there any resources that I can be guided to that would assist.

Thanks and Very Best,


Thank you for your patience in my response. Also, thank you for your question. 
This must be a very difficult decision for you and the members of the organization. I find myself asking, what criteria in closing (or keeping open) are most relevant for you and the organization in your particular situation, and how would you like to order or weight them? I have never found a specific list or formulas to guide this decision, just hard conversations. 
You may consider browsing Toolkit 12 as a guide of how to evaluate the initiative (i.e. program). See This may provide some pointers and guidelines that fit some of your work. I have always found logic models to be really helpful to guilde (and assess) the work. If you have one, you can turn to it to really examine where the program has gone and where it may go (or not go). Perhaps the question is not whether to close the program, but whether it needs a shift. 
You may also consider Toolkit 16 on sustaining initiatives. See This could also provide some guidelines on things to think about when making such a difficult decision. 
Good luck in your work! And thank you for contacting us!

Question Date: Mon, 09/23/2019