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I work for a local public health department and we are constantly putting health messages in our community. Is there a template or guidance on how to formulate questions that evaluate comprehension and overall effectiveness of our health messaging materials?

Thank you for your patience in my response. Also, thank you for your question. 
You may consider chapters 36 - 39 in the Tool Box, as they pertain to evaluating the effectiveness of a program. Toolkit is also a related space where you will find some relevant information. See
In terms of direct strategies for question development, I lean on what I want to know. That is, what, specifically, would I like to know from participants? If, for example, you are interested in whether a participant (or generally community member) has any experience, you may show one of your ads and ask something like, "In the past month, how many times have you seen this ad?" Or, something like, "In seeing these materials, have they caused you to think about the following..." and you may have a list of ideas you are intending to foster with the materials. Without having the specific context, I can only create general ideas. But, generally, they should be pointed and direct regarding specific components of the messaging. You may also consider doing an internet search for "crafting survey questions." 
I hope this information is helpful. Good luck on your work and thanks for writing in!

Question Date: Mon, 09/30/2019