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I'm a dance artist and teacher and have been curious about how my art/skill could be used to benefit groups of people in any given community. More specifically in areas of conflict resolution, mediation, and/or fostering community building.

Any guidance or direction would be extremely helpful. Any examples would also be beneficial.

I'm searching for a way to give back and put my craft to use.

Appreciation in advance.

Thank you for writing in and thanks for your patience on my response. 
This sounds like really wonderful work! Unfortunately, it is a little out of my expertise area. However, I know there are many programs around the U.S. that use the arts and dance for a whole host things around community building and healing. For example, there are researchers in my field (community psychology) that use photography as a method for consciousness raising and community change (see "Photovoice"). There is also an entire field of arts-based activism. 
If I were in your position (with your skills and desire), I would connect with a local organization(s) around a topic you are interested in addressing with dance. For example, a former student of mine works in a local "alternative" school to use physical fitness as a form of meditation/focus for students who may be at higher risk for dropping out. In Googling "dance as conflict resolution" I found an article in psychology today that may also be helpful:
Good luck in your work. 

Question Date: Fri, 10/25/2019