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Do you have any samples of a simple feasibility study you could share? I am working with a technical college dental training program regarding possible changes to its dental clinic to better serve students and community members. I'd appreciate any examples you can provide that aren't so geared to the business/profit world. Thanks!

Hello Lara,
We did not have a specific example of a feasibility study in The Community Tool Box.  
I am able to recommend the following article that provides great details and practical advice about conducting a feasibility study. 
Because this is from a public health perspective, it seems most appropriate to your project, and includes descriptions of studies that have been done. It also provides guidance for different methods that may be used to address different questions you may have. For example, are you concerned about acceptability, practicality, demand? It has suggestions for data collection activities most suitable to answer each of them. There is guidance offered for many of the data collection methods in Chapter 3 of the Community Tool Box - Assessing Community Needs and Resources. You might also explore Section 6 in Chapter 17.
I hope this is helpful to you. If you need more or this did not meet your need, please write back wtih more specific questions and hopefully we can be more helpful.

Question Date: Mon, 11/04/2019