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I am looking into starting a support group for women who have been in/are in abusive/controlling relationships. I was wondering if you have suggestions on where to start? Also, how do I go about conducting meeting for this group without triggering anyone?

Dear Ashley
thank you very much for your question, and for your concern and your sensitivity towards women suffering for such problems, and who would participate in the group.
I think that in Community Tool Box you can find useful indications in this section:
» Learn a Skill » Toolkits » 10. Advocating for Change » Examples » Example 8: Together for Girls: Working to end sexual violence
Moreover, in community psychology journals, we can find many projects, research, and interventions about the serious problem regarding gender violence. Just to give you some examples, I may cite:
Estefan, L. F., Armstead, T. L., Rivera, M. S., Kearns, M. C., Carter, D., Crowell, J., ... & Daniels, B. (2019). Enhancing the national dialogue on the prevention of intimate partner violence. American journal of community psychology63(1-2), 153-167.
Sharkey, J. D., Reed, L. A., & Felix, E. D. (2017). Dating and sexual violence research in the schools: Balancing protection of confidentiality with supporting the welfare of survivors. American journal of community psychology60(3-4), 361-367.
And, about European experiences (in Europe there are important laws for contrasting such issue): Stoyanova, V. (2019). On the Bride’s side? Victims of domestic violence and their residence rights under EU and Council of Europe Law. Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights37(4), 311-335.
Many wishes for your important project!

Question Date: Fri, 02/21/2020