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Last fall I taught a doctoral course at Northern Kentucky University entitle "Regional Stewardship". We used the KU toolkit extensively as a framework for evaluating regional community change efforts. The course focused on leading community change from the top,but i am changing the focus this fall to leading from the middle and not limiting to regional efforts. I am having trouble locating books/articles/videos on leading change efforts from the middle. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Teri
I suppose that you are interested in how to propose bottom-up changes in the community. Is it right? If so, I can suggest you see:
- Chapter 1. Our Model for Community Change and Improvement on the webpage
and, particularly, Section 8. Some Lessons Learned on Community Organization and Change
Among the toolkits, I think that may be interesting for you Toolkit 4. Developing a Framework or Model of Change
I hope to have met your needs…
Many wishes for your work!

Question Date: Sun, 02/23/2020