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Hello Advisors!

Are you able to conduct any sort of MBA Cohort program in person, in an off-campus office which may have multiple interested candidates? If so, I would love to learn a bit more about what that process looks like and how we can move forward.

Thank you for your insight!

Hi Sara, 
I apologize that my response to your question has been somewhat delayed — thank you for your patience.  
Your MBA Cohort can take advantage of the free online training modules offered here:
In addition to the online courses, the Community Tool Box has a variety of curricular resources compiled here:
You can also order the curriculum to integrate into your existing educational efforts with the MBA students, and/or find a local expert in community research and action in your area to come in and train or provide guest lectures. Curriculum ordering information can be viewed here:
Finally, the Community Tool Box staff can be available “for hire” to do in-person training. Although availability of staff to provide training has been affected by ongoing pandemic conditions, please consider reaching out to the team with contact information provided here: 
I am glad to hear that you are interested in infusing your graduate training with community development education.  The core competencies addressed by this curriculum are likely very useful for your MBA cohort as well.
Good luck with increasing skills and sharing the passion of community development, 
Sharon M. Wasco, PhD 
CTB Ask An Advisor, August 2021

Question Date: Tue, 08/03/2021