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I am in the process of becoming a Certified Peer Support Specialist through the State of Washington Medicaid training program. I'm also in the process of developing my existing Natural Health Coach skills and volunteer services to also include being able to offer certified coaching support. I would like to have a focus and specialized training in trauma recovery. Do you know any resources that I might utilize? Is there online support for persons wanting to do such a thing and yet also need suport for their own trauma response being triggered when involved with this type of service to the community?

   ... We appreciate your question and the sentiments behind it.  However, as our guidelines specify, our Ask an Advisor service deals with questions about doing work in the community, rather than mental health issues or personal counseling. So unfortunately your question lies beyond the range of what we are able to answer.  We do wish you the best in your continued search. 

Question Date: Mon, 09/05/2022