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Academic inquiry. Would you send me the link to your APA style reference? I am using your Toolbox in the Bachelor of Social and Community Development at Sheridan College (Oakville, ON, Canada). This is the reference I currently have from our teacher but wanted to be 100% positive.
Rabinowitz, P. (n.d.). Section Five: Ethical Issues in Community
Interventions. Community Toolbox. Retrieved from


Thank you for writing to us.  We appreciate your wanting to be  sure of correct citation form.  In this case, we would suggest:
Rabinowitz, P. (n.d.). Ethical issues in community interventions. Chapter 19, Section 5 in the Community Tool Box ( Retrieved from [insert retrieval link and date].
 Note that we have added a chapter number, and corrected the spelling of Community Tool Box (as vs. Community Toolbox).
 We hope this is helpful to you. All best wishes as your studies continue.

Question Date: Thu, 09/22/2022