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Hi, my name is Zac. I work in Web3 (crypto) as a community builder and I am reaching out because I found the community tool box to be a powerful resource for me and what I do as a consultant in the web3 industry. I wrote an article (not published yet) on the problems of Web3 communities. I'm reaching out to see if I can get some resources from this amazing organization. I believe if we want this industry that uses the word "community" a lot, there needs to be some serious changes to how users view what a good community looks like.

Link to article

     Thank you for reaching out to us and for your interesting question, as well as for your very engaging article. We surely agree that a strong sense of community is an asset to just about any organization, and while we do not claim expertise in crypto, we think this would apply to your organization as well.
     Based on our experience and others’, we can identify several factors that help build a strong sense of community. These would include:
            Leadership that prioritizes this factor
             A long-term commitment to community creation
             Repeated messaging along these lines
Structured opportunities for members to participate in the organization   
Creating a feeling of shared interests – and beyond that, a spirit of
camaraderie and joie de vivre within the organization
              Establishment of agreed-upon indicators to measure sense of community
              A search for and emulation of successful models in your field
        We hope this may serve as a start, though we can elaborate on these points and others on request.  Thanks again for being in touch, and all best wishes as your work proceeds.

Question Date: Tue, 09/27/2022