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Will be great if you advise on the best tools related to vulnerable communities' identification and need assessment to their needs

            Thanks for writing to us with your question. We are not aware of any specific tool that helps to identify vulnerable communities. In a very real way, all communities are vulnerable, in the sense that they can be damaged either by internal forces or forces beyond their direct control.  This suggests that communities should take steps to reduce their own vulnerabilities, and to strengthen their resilience. Note also that the same general principle holds true for individuals, and even for societies; the concept of vulnerability applies at many different levels of analysis.
             However, some communities can probably be considered more vulnerable than others; this would most likely be determined in part by conventional social and economic indicators, such as income and education levels. These are internal factors. Other factors leading to vulnerability would include external environmental forces, such as  natural disasters, recent conflicts with others, or other disruptive events affecting the community.
            As for needs assessments, you can find information and guidance on conducting needs assessments in the many different sections  of Chapter 3 of the Community Tool Box. See  You might pay particular attention to Chapter 3, Section 7, on conducting needs assessment surveys.  
            We hope some of these thoughts may be helpful to you. Best wishes as your work continues.

Question Date: Sun, 10/23/2022