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Tiffeny R. Jimenez, Ph.D.

Photo of Tiffeny R. Jimenez, Ph.D.

Tiffeny R. Jimenez, Ph.D., is a Community Psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology within the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences at National Louis University (NLU). She is most passionate about creating more inclusive communities and socially just practices through organizational and community-level systems change; facilitating and evaluating coalition development; examining resource exchange sustainability, and developing educational opportunities that promote systems leadership. She has worked and written most on various community-based research projects spanning social justice issues, including: coordinating a collaborative statewide cross-disability leadership training initiative, consulting on initiatives to change the culture of a university to be more supportive of women faculty in the STEM fields, and conducting a collaborative network system analysis with a community-wide systems change initiative across a tri-county area assisting in the development of a data-driven capacity-building process to increase the knowledge of community members for restructuring a local human services system. She has recently published strategies for strengthening graduate programs in Community Psychology and to better educate for Community Psychology practice careers. She is most active in the Society for Community Research and Action and the American Evaluation Association. She is currently working to develop the infrastructure needed to support widespread community engagement across NLU, and her most current work includes developing methods for assessing the influence of deep cultural structures within communities, including use of decolonial praxis.