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What do we mean by formal public reporting processes?

___It is conducted on a regular basis

___It is based on consistent measures

___It includes suggestions for adjustment and change in order to improve the effort

___It allows for feedback from its audience

___It continues throughout the life of the effort

Why create formal public reporting processes?

___To involve the community and garner support

___To bring the issue to the fore and raise the profile of the effort

___To hold the effort accountable

___To keep track of progress

___To collect new ideas for the effort

___To be open and transparent

Who should be involved in creating formal public reporting processes?

___Those who are most affected by the issue, and who would therefore stand to benefit from a successful effort

___Local and other relevant officials

___The business community

___Community activists, particularly those who have been involved with the issue at hand

___Those who might see changes in their work if the effort gains momentum

___Those who will actually implement the effort

When should you create formal public reporting processes?

___When community support is needed

___When there are questions about the effort

___When the issue that the effort addresses has reached, or threatens to reach, dangerous proportions

___To alert the community to one or more issues that need addressing, and to the fact that something is being done about them

How do you create formal public reporting processes?

___Assemble a representative group to plan the reporting process

___Define the aim of the reporting process

___Consult with and collect information from stakeholders and others who would benefit from and/or could contribute to the public reporting process

___Identify and prioritize the various audiences you want to reach, and what types of messages and information each might receive

___Understand the interests and preferred communication methods of those the report is aimed at

___Tailor your reporting to each audience you want to reach

___Plan an ongoing communications campaign that includes annual reports

___Test your communications and public reports with their intended audiences during development

___Assess and address public opinion about the effort

___Educate public officials about the issues and the effort

___Implement the communication and reporting campaign

___Encourage your intended audiences to use the reports to carry the effort further

___Continue the reporting and communications campaign over the life of the effort