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3. We don't know what to do to solve the problem.

1. Have we reviewed others' approaches to solving similar problems?

2. Have we developed a strategic plan for addressing the problem or goal?

3. Have we engaged stakeholders in designing the intervention to promote ownership and to get their feedback on the appropriateness of the intervention’s goals?

4. Have we developed clear vision and mission statements?

5. Have we developed objectives and strategies?

6. Have we developed a clear action plan for each community and system change to be sought (or intervention component to be implemented)?

7. Have we developed a logic model or framework (i.e., a visual picture for how you will get from present conditions to intended outcomes)?

8. Have we engaged local people in selecting, designing, and/or adapting an intervention to fit the situation?

9. Do we have collaborative leadership to work on this problem or towards this goal?

10. Have we identified core intervention components and modes of delivery that reflect an analysis of the problem or goal and available resources?

11. Have we determined what we can practically afford to do—financially, politically—given our time and resources?

12. Have we planned for how we will adapt the intervention to fit the local context?

13. Have we identified anticipated barriers and resistance and how they might be overcome or diminished?

14. Have we planned for how we can assure quality implementation and conditions for success?

15. Have we developed a plan to consistently monitor and evaluate our work?