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2. We don’t understand the problem or goal.

Below are some questions designed to prompt reflection on your situation, with related supports listed below.

1. Have we determined the problem or goal to be addressed?

2. Have we reviewed the naming and framing of the problem or goal?

3. Have we gathered information about the extent of the problem or goal attainment?

4. Have we gathered information about the importance of the problem or goal to the community and other stakeholders?

5. Have we engaged local people and other stakeholders in analyzing information about the problem or goal?

6. Have we identified personal and environmental factors and broader conditions that put people at risk for or protect them from the problem?

7. Have we analyzed “root” causes of the problem to identify the conditions and related behaviors, and promising interventions that might contribute to improvement?

8. Have we identified targets and agents of change in addressing the identified problem or goal?