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9. There is not enough change in the community or system.


1. Have we figured out what problems we are trying to address?

2. Have we figured out how to address those problems?

3. Do the proposed changes fit what the community needs?

4. Did we have a targeted or focused mission and goals?

5. Did we have a clear, agreed upon action plan in place?

6. Is the organization structured for success?

7. Is there an active leadership team in place?

8. Is there regular (i.e., at least quarterly) feedback on the rate of community change?

9. Are there enough well-trained people working to make the change?

10. Are the strategies and tactics used (e.g., providing information, modifying access) strong enough to change behavior?

11. Are the strategies and tactics used appropriate to the people and context?

12. Are the changes reaching the right people, and are they reaching enough of those people?

13. Do we have adequate funding and resources to achieve our goals?

14. Are we accountable for bringing about positive community change (e.g., does grant renewal depend on a pattern of accomplishment?)?