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Why should you conduct research?

___You or your group has agreed that you want to influence policies related to issues of concern to you and your constituents

You have determined to conduct policy research to (choose one or more of the following):

___Assure that an issue is actually addressed

___Assure that the issue addressed is the one that needs to be addressed

___Show a need for funding or intervention for an issue

___Support or discredit the use of a particular practice or approach

___Identify and advocate for appropriate policy on an issue

___Point out incompetence or corruption that harms the public interest

___Protect public health and safety

___Build a solid base for your advocacy

___Maintain your own integrity

For maximum credibility, you have collaborated with or received help from (indicate which groups have helped):

___Think tanks

___Government agencies

___Professional associations

___Official commissions

___Organizations that work with the issue

___Watchdog organizations

___Law enforcement agencies

You conducted policy research because:

___There was a need for policy, and none has been established

___There was a critical situation that was not recognized or acknowledged

___Our issue was under legislative review

___The policy was under discussion, and we wante to make sure that important points weren't ignored

___The results of current policy were unknown or unclear

___Policy was headed in the wrong direction

___We were consulted as an expert