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What is accountability?

___You hold entities (and individuals) accountable for the openness of their actions, practices and policies

___You advocate for laws, regulations, and policies that provide strong enough sanctions to assure that entities (and individuals) are accountable for the legality, ethics, and effectiveness of their actions, practices, and policies

Why might you seek accountability?

___Ensure that citizens get what they need

___Protect the public from harm

___Protect the public's right to know

___Protect the rights and information of whistleblowers

___Ensure that people harmed by the intentional wrongdoing of entities are compensated

___Guard against the misuse of public money

___Ensure that consumers get what they pay for

___Assure the ethical behavior of governments, corporations, organizations, and institutions

___Procure simple justice

When might you seek accountability?

___Members of the community are in need and nothing is being done

___An entity is about to, or continues to, do something harmful

___Economic damage to either the public at large or individuals is being, or about to be, done

___A business wants to locate in a community

___An elected official or someone running for office has violated the public trust, has misrepresented his positions or background, or is otherwise unfit for public office

___Some individual or interest has unfairly or illegally influenced official policy or the votes of elected officials

___A blatant injustice is about to be done

Who might be held accountable?

___Elected and appointed government officials

___Law enforcement

___Government agencies

___Government contractors

___Nonprofits that seek money directly from the public

___Corporations and businesses

___Individuals and entities seeking to influence public policy

___Individuals whose positions within an organization give them power

How do you request accountability?

___You do the necessary research

___You decide what kind of accountability you want

___You appeal directly to the entity

___You go to the appropriate regulatory agency

___You go public

___You institute direct action

___You engage in legislative advocacy

___You initiate a lawsuit