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Using symbols:

___You have decided on how you want your message framed

___You have picked appropriate symbols for your message and your opponent's

___The symbol you have chosen is the most positive one available

___The symbol is distinct and is not associated with another product or organization

___The symbol is not ambiguous or confusing

___It will not offend or alienate certain groups

___The symbol is consistent with your message

___The symbol is positively emotionally charged

___You have highlighted the negative aspects of the symbol for your opponent

___You have made a convincing argument for social policy change that backs your symbol

Focusing your message on the community at large:

___You have focused on basic themes

___You have stressed the need for community participation

___The focus is on public policy recommendations

___Individual stories have not been used

___You have stated your point of view clearly and concisely

___You are prepared to respond to strong arguments

Creative Epidemiology:

___Your goal is to make statistics and numbers more understandable and meaningful

___You have decided which type to use:

  • Localization
  • Relativity
  • Public policy effects

Media Bites:

___You have determined if a media bite is appropriate

___The bite is short; 10-15 seconds or less

___It contains important information

___Well known symbols that are not overused

___Evokes strong emotion

___You have constructed several that capture the essence of your message