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You know the reasons to get involved in media advocacy:

___To inform

___To pressure decision makers

___To influence

___To gain control

___To involve others

You have decided you are ready to focus on the media:

___You have a new project announcement

___Your information can be tied to a news-breaking event

___Good publicity is needed to reach your goals

You have set up a media campaign:

___A coordinator and spokesperson has been designated

___You have prepared that person to talk to the media

___Your objectives have been identified

___A target audience has been selected

___The type of media to be used has been decided

___You have decided that it is a good time to start

___You know whom you will contact first

___The issue you will target is clear

___You have determined how you will present the issue

___You are prepared to be flexible

___You’re paying attention to what the public knows and is talking about

___You’ll keep at it indefinitely