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___You understand that it's important to make people comfortable to stimulate creativity and to promote open discussion of ideas.

___You understand that you can make people comfortable both through team-building activities and by providing physical comfort.

You understand the different methods used to generate solutions:

___Simply go around the room and suggest ideas

___Send a piece of paper around the room

___Idea writing


You know how to evaluate solutions:

___You have judged each idea independently.

___You have determined whether each idea is practical, effective, cost-effective, easily put into practice, accepted by everyone involved, and consistent with other things done by the group.

___You have modified the solution where necessary.

You understand the different ways to make a decision:

___You can have one person decide, and announce the decision to the group.

___You can gather input from individuals, and then have one person decide.

___You can gather input from the group, and then decide.

___You can vote.

___You can try to build consensus among everyone at the meeting.

You know what to do if the discussion doesn't result in an agreement accepted by everyone:

___You can try one of the other decision-making possibilities listed above.

___You can try the nominal group technique.

___You can choose not to decide.