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Section 2. Understanding Risk and Protective Factors: Their Use in Selecting Potential Targets and Promising Strategies for Intervention

___You have a good understanding of risk and protective factors, including the different categories of factors, what affects these factors, and when they should be addressed by your organization.

___You have gathered available data on risk and protective factors for the issue your community is facing.

You have decided what technique(s) will best help your information on local risk and protective factors:

___The "but why" technique

___Focus groups


___You have developed your own information on risk and protective factors, using the mean(s) you decided were most appropriate ("but why," focus groups, and/or surveys ).

___You have selected the risk and protective factors your intervention will address.

___You have used information about who is affected by multiple risk factors to select your "targets of change."

___You have used the information about risk and protective factors and targets of change to select promising strategies for the comprehensive intervention.