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___You understand what a concerns survey is

___You understand how a concerns survey is part of the concerns report method

___You understand the reasons why you might want to conduct a concerns survey

___You understand that a concerns survey should usually be done with a broad cross-section of the community as a whole

___You have considered the budget and decided what sort of resources and supplies you'll need to complete the survey

___You have put together a working group to develop the survey

___You have met with your working group to come up with survey items

___Invite selected decision makers to submit additional survey items

___You have prepared your survey questions, using two types of questions for every selected issue: how important the issue is to citizens and how much satisfaction citizens have with the community's efforts on the issue

___You have narrowed your list of survey items down to approximately 30

___You have decided what demographic information to ask for in the survey

___You have gathered the items you'll need to do a direct mailing

___You have completed the cover letter

___You have made enough copies of the survey, demographic sheet, and cover letter for each survey recipient

___You have prepared and stamped the two business-size envelopes for each person

___You have stuffed the envelopes that have the recipient's mailing address with all the survey material

___ If you want to track the surveys in any way, you have coded your envelopes

___You have mailed your surveys out, by bulk mail if possible

___You have considered whether to employ any other methods of distributing or collecting surveys

___You have gathered incoming surveys collected at participating site

___You have reviewed returned surveys, checking for incomplete surveys or those returned for having an improper mailing address

___You have secured a larger return, if necessary

___You have figured out the results by averaging the importance and satisfaction reported for each item or issue

___You have written a brief report summarizing the strengths and problems as well as an overall approval rating for the community based on the average satisfaction score for all items and identifying five to ten strengths and five to ten problems in terms of health risks, services, and public perceptions of health

___You have shared this information with your staff, gotten their feedback, and discussed whether any further surveying needs to be done before completing

___You have conducted a public meeting to discuss the results and brainstorm for solutions

___You have written a one-page narrative for each issue discussed by the group

___You have written a concerns report consisting of an executive memo, brief report, data table, the problem-solving discussion report, demographic data and other displays, and suggestions on how to use the report in the planning process

Chris Hampton