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___You understand that a survey is a way of collecting information that you hope represents the views of the whole community or group in which you are interested

___You understand what case study surveys are and why you might choose to use them

___You understand what sampled surveys are and why you might choose to use them

___You understand what census surveys are and why you might choose to use them

___You understand and have considered the reasons why you might want to conduct a survey

___You have determined whether this is a good time to conduct a survey

___You have weighed the pros and cons of doing a written survey

___You have decided on the purpose of your survey

___You have decided whom you will survey

___You have decided whether you will use sampling and, if so, what kind of sampling you will use

___You have given thought to any other potential pitfalls

___You have decided what method you will use to collect your survey data

___You have determined how long your survey should be

___You understand the differences between open-ended, closed-ended, have written your questions, multiple choice, and Likert scale questions

___You understand the Total Design Method

___You have written your survey

___You have made sure your survey works the way you want it to by trying it out on a few members of the population you're aiming at

___You understand the different ways of distributing a survey, and you are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of each method

___You have chosen a method to distribute your survey

___You have distributed your survey, following the steps given for whatever method of distribution you chose

___You have gathered incoming surveys collected at participating sites

___You have reviewed returned surveys, checking for any that are incomplete

___You secured a larger return, if necessary

___You have figured out the results of your survey and written up a report on the outcome

___You have shared this information with your staff and gotten their feedback

___You have decided what to do with your results