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Tool: Interview Questions for evaluation consultant selection

From EvalTalk, the discussion group of the American Evaluation Association (AEA).

  • What are the main reasons why you think a program should conduct an evaluation?

  • What are the main standards and guiding principles for conducting evaluations?

  • How would you determine if a program is ready to undergo an evaluation?

  • How do you estimate the resources needed to conduct an evaluation? That is, how do you compute the costs of an evaluation, both in money and time (yourself and others)?

  • If you had results from an evaluation that were based on quantitative information that conflicted with results from qualitative information, how would you resolve the conflict?

  • If you were to conduct a mailed-out survey to program participants, how would you achieve a representative sample and ensure that your results were generalizable to all participants?

  • Frequently evaluations involve various and independent branches and agencies that all have different expectations for the evaluation. If you had a conflict among participants in a program evaluation that could threaten the evaluation, how would you resolve the conflict? What steps would you take to proactively avoid conflict?

  • Read any interesting articles on evaluation lately? In what journals? What was interesting about it? What other journals do you see regularly?

  • Under what circumstances, if any, would you blow the whistle on a client?