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Have you included the following systems in your management plan?




___Petty cash


___Payables and receivables

___Grants management

___Handling cash flow issues

Have you included the following decisions in your management plan?

___Computerizing your accounting

___Types of bank accounts

___What constitutes full-time employment

___Which bills and obligations to settle first

___Determining your elegibility for tax-exempt status

Have you determined a plan for handling cash flow?

___Anticipate when cash flow problems may occur

___Set your priorities beforehand

___Develop a cash flow contingency plan based on your priorities and the situation of your organization

Have you considered the following management and investment issues?

___Day-to-day money handling

___Shopping for goods and services

___Negotiating with funders

___Maintaining systems

___Investing in a Certificate of Deposit

___Investing in a Money Market Account