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Section 11. Promoting Family-Friendly Policies in Business and Government

What are family-friendly policies?

___Employer or workplace policies, in both business and government, that make it possible for employees to more easily balance family and work, and to fulfill both their family and work obligations.

___Government laws, regulations, and social policies that recognize the importance of families to society, and act to meet, directly or indirectly, the needs of children, parents, and the oldest generation.

Why should you promote family-friendly policies in business and government?

You promote family-friendly policies because:

___They allow parents to spend more and better time with their children.

___Family-friendly policies reduce stress not only for parents, but for anyone caring for a family member, or coping with a difficult personal medical problem.

___They allow more choices, making it possible for employees to exercise more control over their lives.

___Employees taking advantage of family-friendly policies are more productive.

___By creating a better work-family balance, family-friendly policies allow employees in two-income or single parent families to improve their economic status and quality of life.

___Family-friendly policies help employers keep valuable employees.

___Family-friendly employers have more to offer new job candidates, and are thus able to recruit and hire the best.

___Family-friendly policies generate employee loyalty.

___Family-friendly policies are better for family stability and for children, thus improving the outlook for the next generation.

___They allow more people to work, and thus to contribute to the society.

___Family friendly policies are fairer to employees, reflecting, better than many other business practices the values of an egalitarian and democratic society.

Who should promote family-friendly policies?

To promote family-friendly policies, you enlist:

___Business people, especially those who have instituted family-friendly policies in their own businesses.

___Politicians and other policy makers.

___People affected by family-friendly policies, or those affiliated with them, such as unions.

___Key individuals.

___The media.

___A broad-based coalition, including most or all of the above, as well as community members.

When should you promote family-friendly policies in business and government?

You promote family-friendly policies:

___When employees and families broach the topic themselves.

___When you can demonstrate that families are having a difficult time.

___When family issues are in the news.

___When family becomes an issue in a political campaign.

___During labor negotiations.

___During a community development campaign.

How do you promote family-friendly policies in business and government?