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Section 5. Changing Policies to Increase Funding for Community Health and Development Initiatives

___You understand what public policies are

___You understand policies governing private giving

Changing policies

1. Research

___You know who supports your organization

___You have decided target corporations, policies and individuals

___You understand how to change the target organization's policies

___You know the staff of the persons you wish to influence

___You have found allies in your cause

2. Preparation

___You prepared your advocacy work

___You developed a clear, agreed-upon definition for your organization.

___You developed useful data

___You have increased your visibility

3. Execution

___You developed an action plan with measurable goals and objectives.

___You have built relationships with the people you wish to influence.

___You have built a public policy presence.

___You have initiated grassroots support.

4. Maintenance

___You have maintained and increased your advocacy efforts

___You know how much lobbying your organization can do