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___You understand that multisector collaboration is a partnership of non-profit, private, and public organizations, and community members whose purpose is to solve problems that impact the whole community

___You understand that systemic problems are problems that involve a community's "systems" rather than one isolated area

___You understand that multisector collaboratives have the capacity to solve systemic problems, because they draw on the resources of all the sectors: Business, government, and nonprofit

___You understand that multisector collaboration is based on cooperation, rather than competition

___You understand that multisector collaboration makes democracy work better because it puts the decision-making process back in the hands of ordinary people

___You understand that multisector collaboration is a process that doesn't always go according to a neat plan

___You understand that multisector collaboration is a long-term enterprise in which the investment of time and resources is great, but so are the rewards

___You have determined that there a clear need for multisector collaboration

___You have determined that there is an appropriate level of trust among the different groups and sectors

___You have determined that people agree on what the problem is, or whether the problem will need to be defined

___You have trained leaders in all sectors that have the vision, commitment, and respect necessary to lead a collaborative

___You have identified a facilitator to bring the different groups together

___You have found the information necessary to understand issues and possible solutions

___You have promoted community empowerment

___You have identified the stakeholders

___You have made a commitment to collaborate

___You have established procedural ground rules

___You have taught potential participants process skills

___You have built trust, learned process skills, and explored beliefs

___You have identified problems

___You have clarified a vision and develop a mission statement

___You continue to keep the process open and get input from community members

___You have created options for solving problems

___You have formulated goals, objectives, and an action plan

___You have implemented the action plan

___You have evaluated the results

___You have celebrated every success, large and small

___You have continued the collaborative community