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Tool: Recruiting strategy plan

This plan was designed to help you through the beginning of your recruiting. By answering the following questions, you will be able to figure out where and how to start recruiting.

Recruiting Plan

What is your main objective with this recruitment?

How many people do you want to recruit?

Between what ages?

Should the recruits have any specific characteristics (race, education, family income)?

From which area of town do you want to recruit?

Do you want to recruit in a specific income bracket? Between how much?

Where are the places where you can find the recruits you're looking for? (schools, malls, streets)?

How many people will be necessary to do the recruiting? What recruiting strategies will we use?

Where and when is the first recruiting session (in case you'll have one) supposed to be held?

After you contact your recruits, what is going to be our next step?

Do we have a back-up plan?

What do we do if the demand for mentors exceeds the supply?

Which kind of activities are we going to supply to attract youth?

How long is the recruiting process supposed to take?

In how many steps are we going to carry recruiting?

How are we going to do our advertising?

What are going to be criteria for recruiting?

Who should we contact for referrals?