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Why should you arrange a celebration?

___It strengthens relationships in your workplace

___It is a good way to recognize the hard work by those involved in every aspect of your organization

___There is much to be gained through reflection

When are some good times to arrange a celebration?

___After reaching an important goal

___At the end of the year

___You didn't quite reach a goal

___During a moment of transition


How should you plan your celebration?

___Decide on the budget

___Make a guest list of who you would like to attend and be sure that it reflects the nature of your party

___Choose a place to have the party, keeping in mind the type of atmosphere you want

___Make sure the venue matches the agenda for the party

___Decide on the appropriate food and drink

___Make sure you have entertainment, whether it is live music, wall decorations, or games to play

___Send invitations to the people you would like to attend

___Have a skilled organizer plan the party to keep things running smoothly

___Recognized everyone and thank them for their contributions

___Feel proud of your work