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Section 3. Our Model of Practice: Building Capacity for Community and System Change

___You understand what constitutes a community.

___You understand what a collaborative partnership is and how powerful it can be.

___You know what community capacity is.

___You know that the key partners in a broad collaboration should include:

  • Local members of community partnerships  
  • Support organizations
  • Grantmakers and governmental agencies

___You understand the context in which people in the community act.

___You have decided to move forward with collaborative planning in order to bring people and organizations with different experiences and resources together.

___A mission statement that tells what your organization is going to do and why has been established.

___Through action planning, specific changes in the community have been identified and related action steps have been taken to bring them about.

___A strong leader for the organization is in place.

___You have community mobilizers who have started the ball rolling on actions that your group has decided to take.

___The groups efforts and results have been documented to know whether a difference is being made.

___You understand the ten recommendations for promoting community health and development.

Phil Rabinowitz