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Section 7. Working Together for Healthier Communities: A Framework for Collaboration Among Community Partnerships, Support Organizations, and Funders


Partner Task Community Parnership Support Organizations Funders

Tool: Working Together - Roles and Responsibilities in Community Work

Develop the vision, mission and objectives

Develop a vision

Select broad purpose and goals

Frame their objectives; identify community-level indicators

Help applicants find appropriate funders

Offer long term support

Offer less categorical, and most holistic investments

Develop an action plan

Identify specific changes

Develop an inclusive planning process

Organize committees for each objective

Suggest action steps

Make partnerships aware of "promising practices"

Support early stages of action planning

Help community groups get in touch with others in the field

Assist in bringing about broader changes

Develop and support leadership

Enhance and support leadership

Develop new leaders

Skill training using personal assistance, support groups and resources Acquire resources for leadership development
Document and feedback

Gather information on changes

Obtain other information

Review data

Establish and maintain a system of documentation focused on tracking intermediate outcomes related to the mission

Request information on progress made

Work with other grantmakers to accept the same data

Document their own contributions

Secure and provide technical assistance

Look for help from organizations with specialized knowledge

Develop their own technical assistance capacity

Provide assistance in implementing and documenting their work

Provide training materials and/or workshops

Fund support organizations

Foster relationships between support organizations and community partnerships

Secure and provide financial resources Provide quantitative and qualitative information on community investments Assist documenters in analyzing, interpreting and communicating the data

Request long-term, comprehensive proposals

Broker connections with other funders

Make outcomes matter Submit to an annual status report Assist documenters in analyzing, interpreting, and communicating data

Renewal based on evidence of progress

Bonus grants

Outcome dividends


Stephen B.Fawcett
Vincent T.Francisco
Adrienne Paine-Andrews
Jerry Schultz