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These are examples of logic models that other people have found effective. Please note, however, that no other person's or group's logic model can serve as template for your own; even if your initiative is similar, the forces of change and other important details for each effort will differ.

Example 1: HOME Logic Model

Example 2: Generic Model for Disease/Injury Control and Prevention-Linear and Circular Models

Example 3: Comprehensive Cancer Control Family of Models

Example 4: Diabetes Control Family of Models

Example 5: Nebraska Logic Model for Walk to School Day, by Jamie Hahn

Jamie Hahn is a health educator with the Cardiovascular Health Program at Nebraska Health and Human Services System. "This model helps me to explain to different partners what their role is in the Walk to School Day events," Hahn says. "I use it as a guide or a road map. It enables me to check-off things I have done and see the things I have left to do, as well as serve that purpose for local/school coordinators."

Example 6: Tobacco Control Family of Models

Example 7: LHFA Logic Model / Framework

Example 8: Courtney and Bailey Peters' Logic Model: A Safe Place for Kids to Play

Courtney and Bailey Peters, who are 9 and 11 years old, developed this logic model after their mother, Dorian K. Peters, told them what she had done at work that day. Dorian is on the staff of the Idaho Asthma Coalition and had attended a presentation on logic modeling presented by Ginger Floerchinger-Franks, Injury Prevention Program Manager, Idaho Department of Health & Welfare.