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___You can identify potential influential people in your community. Some examples are:

  • Director of human service or government agency
  • Legislative aides
  • Grassroots activists
  • Religious leaders
  • Business or financial leaders
  • People involved in service clubs
  • Local law enforcement
  • Religious leaders
  • Local media representatives

___You want to get influential people involved because you have a special event coming up, this is a critical point for your organization, or you want their help with a concentrated campaign.

___You realize that it is never too soon or too late to get people involved.

___You have met the influential person(s) you want to get involved possibly through community contacts or with meetings.

___You have determined the interests of the people you want to get involved and how you can appeal to those interests.

___You have contacted and asked for their participation, explaining the following:

  • How they can become involved
  • The level of involvement they can expect
  • Why they should be involved
  • When they can expect to get started

___You have taken steps to maintain their involvement.