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___You have considered whether PSA's may be a good idea for your group and you meet some or all of the criteria for a group to use PSA's.

___You have decided upon and clarified the purpose of your PSA.

___You have targeted your audience.

___You have surveyed your media outlets to best reach that audience.

___You have prioritized your media outlets.

___You have approached your preferred media outlets.

___You have chosen points to focus on.

___You have brainstormed for ideas for the PSA.

___You have checked your facts.

___You have identified a "hook".

___You have written your PSA, following the basic guidelines for PSA format.

___You have gotten an outside professional or somebody who has radio/television experience to review your work for you and offer suggestions, if possible.

___You have pre-tested your script.

___If you're going to send in a produced PSA, you have decided whether you should produce it yourself or bring in outside help.

If you're producing the PSA yourself:

___You have found out if anyone in your group has broadcasting experience.

___You have approached area advertising agencies and production companies to see if any of them would donate personnel, studio time, or equipment for your PSA.

___You have considered tapping into broadcasting students at any area universities.

If you're paying a professional production or advertising company to produce your script:

___You have asked about getting a reduced rate for nonprofit agencies.

___You understand the basic tips for radio production.

___You understand the basic tips for television production.

___You understand the overall tips for PSA production.

___You understand how to get your PSA run.

___You have found out the day and time that your PSA will start playing.

___You have listened to or watched the station for the first airing to make sure your PSA is shown (and that it is shown correctly).

___You have followed up by sending a thank you note and, if you can, some small token of your gratitude.

___You understand that the best way to judge effectiveness is to request a specific action, and then to monitor the actions taken

___You have tried to use the PSA to get more extensive media coverage, such as a media story on your work, or being a guest on a panel show, or possibly being able to do a radio editorial or getting editorial reply time.

Chris Hampton