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Section 2. Preparing Job Descriptions and Selection Criteria

___You understand that a job description explains, in general terms, what the job is about, specifies who supervises the position, lays out the tasks the person is expected to perform, and provides the standard by which an employee can be evaluated .

___You understand that selection criteria is a list of skills, personal attributes, credentials, and other characteristics that a person needs to do a particular job in a particular organization.

You understand why it's important to develop a job description and selection criteria before you advertise a position:

___They define the position for the organization, for potential applicants, and legally.

___They give potential job applicants a sense of whether they should apply for the job.

___The act of developing job descriptions and selection criteria forces you to clarify your thinking about the position, the kind of person you want for it, and the organization itself.

___Having a clear job description and selection criteria will help you write the copy to advertise the position, and will make the interviewers' task easier as well .

___A clear job description and selection criteria make it more likely that you'll hire the best person for the job.

You understand that there are three parts to the task of preparing a job description:

___Choosing the job title.

___Developing a list of specific duties and responsibilities that the position requires.

___Composing a capsule description of the position.

___You understand that a better job title can attract better candidates and serves to define the position and to define the place of its holder both in the organization and in the community.

You understand that a list of specific duties and responsibilities includes:

___Basic elements of the position, job-related skills and personality traits, skills acquired through experience, and non-specific skills, traits, and abilities.

___Specific activities required for the position.

___You understand that the capsule description is a two or three sentence description of the job and its purpose, as well as any other major responsibilities the job entails.

___You understand that selection criteria may include education and other formal credentials, job-specific skills and knowledge, non-job-specific skills and knowledge, and personality attributes and traits.