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Develop successful strategies:

___You can form a planning group to develop strategies

Find potential members:

___Community leaders

___Members of other local organizations

___Those affected by the issue or problem

___Representatives of local ethnic and cultural groups

Create a supportive environment:

___A safe and comfortable building, neighborhood site

___Create an open forum for all to participate

Determine/review targets and agents of change:

___Be inclusive of those experiences, at risk for, and contributing to the issue

___Determine risk and protective factors affecting the issue

___Review vision, mission, and objectives

Brainstorm the best strategies:

___Determine potential obstacles

___Strategize to get around obstacles

___Identify how agents of change will help

___Decide when strategies will affect targets of change

___Determine if you will work on repairing or preventing problems

___Ensure strategies decrease risk factors, and increase protective factors

___Make sure strategies will address entire problem or issue

Do the strategies meet the criteria?

___Give overall direction

___Fit resources and opportunities

___Minimize resistance and barriers

___Reach those affected

___Advance the mission