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___You know what corporate giving is, and what can be considered corporate giving, including:

  • Cash
  • Executives-on-loan
  • Corporate sponsorship
  • Employee volunteerism
  • Matching programs
  • In-kind contributions
  • Cause-related marketing

___You know the difference between a company-sponsored foundation and a corporate direct giving program.

___You understand why corporations give money to not-for-profit organizations:

  • Enhance their image
  • Improve their community
  • Support initiatives that will lead to a better work force or new technology

___You know not to try to tap into corporate resources when:

    • Your work is controversial.
    • You don't wish to appear to endorse any particular product or company.
    • Corporations are not used to donating to your type of work.
    • Revenue for the corporation will not be generated.
    • Your organizational goals are unclear.


___You have considered what your organizational needs are.

___You have researched local and national corporations in your community, specifically for:

  • CEOs, VPs, and Board Members
  • How much money they are willing to give
  • What the requirements for the corporation are
  • What the local business scene is like


___Personal contact with representatives from the corporation has been made.

___Your formal request for assistance has been made.

___If appropriate, you celebrated!

___Follow ups with the organization have been made.