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You know the reasons to consider sharing positions or resources:


___Creating better services or stronger initiatives

___Shared philosophy

You know when to consider a sharing arrangement:

___When money or resources are available

___When there's an emergency or deadline

___When there's a particular community need to address

___When it's just a good idea whose time has come

You know the different types of sharing arrangements:



___Sharing of costs

___Joint grants

You know the different resources that can be shared:





You have done the following in your attempt to create and manage a sharing arrangement:

___Taken the initiative to organize an arrangement

___Found partners you get along with

___Been honest and clear with your proposal

___Haven't been discouraged with refusal

___Drafted a written agreement

___Communicated with the other members of you arrangement

___Continued reevaluations of the arrangement

You have addressed the following barriers:

  • Turf issues

___Chosen your partners carefully and thought out beforehand your compatibility

___Planned for the good of the collaboration as a whole

___Kept your real purpose in mind

___Been prepared to compromise

___Drafted a written agreement

  • Lack of communication

___Set up a good system of communication

___Specified its use

___Defined and upheld clear communication agreements

  • Non-performance

___Considered your partners carefully

___Made sure written agreement includes clear explanation of repercussions should a party not fulfill its obligations

___Addressed problems immediately