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4. There is no clear direction or communication with the group.

1. Do we agree on our community’s needs and what our community is concerned about?

2. Do we have a clear vision and mission for the group?

3. Have we developed objectives and strategies?

4. Have we developed a clear action plan (i.e., who would do what by when, with what communication?) for each intervention component to be implemented?

5. Have members of the community been part of the process of strategic planning?

6. Have we drafted a framework or model of how change will occur?

7. Have we put a process in place for renewing the group’s action plan and model of change?

8. Is our group unified and sufficiently free of internal conflicts?

9. Do we have processes in place for resolving conflicts?

10. Have we taken steps to encourage open and full communication within our group?

11. Have we taken steps to ensure full coordination within our group?