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Example 11: A Strategic Framework for Improving Racial/Ethnic Minority Health and Eliminating Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities

A Strategic Framework for Improving Racial/Ethnic Minority Health and Eliminating Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities

This strategic framework helps guide and organize the systematic planning, implementation, and evaluation of efforts aimed at improving racial/ethnic minority health–and reducing and, ultimately, eliminating racial/ethnic health disparities. Efforts include those aimed directly at racial/ethnic minority health problems, but also those that support a "systems approach" to addressing such problems across the country.

A full framework, with expanded information for each of the five sections, is available from the Office of Minority Health.

Information on the development of the Framework, is available from the Office of Minority Health's Background on The Strategic Framework.

The logic model has five components:

  • Long-term problem(s) to be addressed
  • Factors that must be addressed, which contribute to the problem(s)
  • Strategies and practices , and supporting resources, which can be mobilized to address the factors and the problems
  • Measurable outcomes and impacts that can be expected to result from implementing the strategies and practices and
  • Long-term objectives and goals that can be achieved by effectively producing impacts on the factors and the problems.

The Office of Minority Health, through the application of this strategic framework, can sharpen the focus, coordination and dissemination of its work, as well as that of its partners. The ultimate goal is that individual and collective efforts on behalf of racial/ethnic minority health will be more evidence-based and will use available resources effectively and efficiently. The strategic framework provides:

1) Rationale for efforts conducted and supported: The Framework can provide a rational basis for identifying and developing effective strategies, practices, and other efforts. The Framework does this by drawing on existing science and knowledge about the nature and extent of the long-term problems and the factors that contribute to those problems and the effectiveness of various strategies and practices in addressing those problems.

2) Support for increased quantity and enhanced quality of evaluations of the effectiveness of efforts: Increased quantity and quality of evaluations will help assess whether racial and ethnic minority health improvement and health disparity reduction efforts are really making a difference and are producing meaningful results.

3) Basis for enhancing effectiveness and efficiency: The Framework can promote the effectiveness and efficiency of efforts to improve racial/ethnic minority health and reduce health disparities through more coordinated and systematic actions.

Adapted from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Office of Minority Health