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4. Developing a Framework or Model of Change

This toolkit helps in developing a picture of the pathway from activities to intended outcomes.

A Framework for Promoting Child Well-Being.

Community Health Partnership Program Logic Model (Insurance and Service)

Community Health Improvement Process

Conceptual Model of Family Support

Overview of Logic Model and Strategies for the Kansas City-Chronic Disease Coalition to Reduce Health Disparities

Calhoun County Health Improvement Program Logic Model

Preventing Infant Mortality: State-level, State-systems level, Safe sleep, and Access to Health Care and Social Supports Logic Models

Latino Health for All Logic Model/Framework

A Framework for Promoting Gender Equality in Education in Kenya

A Strategic Framework for Improving Racial/Ethnic Minority Health and Eliminating Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities

Logic Model for a Youth Mental Health Intervention in a Palestinian Refugee Camp

Logic Model for the Theory of Change: People, Parks and Power National Funding Initiative.

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