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I am trying to develop a curriculum for new board members for my organization about the purpose of a board, what a board does, and how a board works. Due to the nature of our organization, many of our board members are community members rather than professionals , so we are looking for a curriculum that has family friendly language that is easy to follow. Is it alright to use the verbiage from the community tool box articles for this curriculum? Are there any other resources that I could use for this project?

Hello Kristen,
Please feel free to use the materials and words of the Community Tool Box. Please make sure you reference and credit us for the information when you do. Chapter 9 and Toolkit 6 have the information and resources you need.  If you would like additional resources, you can try a web site called 
Thank you for contacting The Community Tool Box and using our resources!
The Community Tool Box Advisor

Question Date: Fri, 02/17/2017