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We're a UK based community group. Our local county council won't buy us expensive traffic calming measures. It says that if it did that for everybody, it would run out of money. Well, OK.

But, alarmingly, it explains that the communities with the most dead traffic victims can have traffic measures. We don't like that and we don't want to die in order to become eligible for a mini roundabout. Accordingly, I've drawn a rather childish picture of a roundabout with a pile of dead bodies beside it, and I've written Council Policy underneath it. I would like to get it made into a poster on computer and have made phonecalls and emails, but, so far, no luck.


Hello Patrick,
Unfortunately, the Community Tool Box does not print posters.  However, we can give you some helpful guidance to hopefully meet your goal of obtaining traffic calming measures before there are excessive deaths. 
First, you might explore Chapter 33 - Conducting a Direct Action Campaign to see if there are any strategies you have not yet tried. Chapters 30 through 35 and Toolkit #10 have additional information about effective advocacy as well.
If money is the only issue holding them back, then you might find out if there is a way to raise the money, perhaps by fundraising or writing a grant. Chapter 42 and Toolkit #14 have guidance for applying for grants. 
The Community Tool Box Advisor

Question Date: Mon, 03/13/2017